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''Mariposa'' to piękna, klimatyczna płyta, doskonale odświeżająca formułę kameralnej wokalistyki jazzowej. Susanne Menzel i Klaus Ignatzek osiągnęli ten efekt poprzez  głęboką współpracę i perfekcyjne dopracowanie interpretacji każdej spośród zarejestrowanych na srebrnym krążku muzycznych opowieści.“

(Robert Ratajczak,


"Klaus Ignatzek is a fine, fluent pianist, adaptable to the needs of the band and the music, but authoritative when pushed up front; if his playing sounds cerebral rather than intuitive, it never lacks feeling."
(Wire,Great Britain)

"In fact this is a good team. The themes are by the German Ignatzek who is an impressive pianist."
(Hampstead Express, Great Britain)

"The entire quintet is a delight to listen to. Klaus Ignatzek is a very percussive piano player and is also a profilic writer, having composed over one hundred tunes . If you enjoy a solid driving jazz recording performed by a dynamic group, the Klaus Ignatzek Quintet should be on your playlist."
(Cadence, USA)

" …the rapport between the musicians — both of whom revere the unexpected, avoid cliches, swing compulsively and respect the roots- is vividly evident in the music."
(Billboard, Great Britain)

"Klaus Ignatzek is one of the finest writers extant in Hard Bop idiom. Had he been born 25 years eralier, there can be no doubt he could have composed for the Jazz Messengers, Cannonball Adderly etc. It’s that good as you will doubtless discover when making this Return Voyage frequently- and also with satisfaction — in the future."
(Mark Gardner, Co-author; The Blackwell Guide to recorded Jazz)

"But Klaus Ignatzek should not be overlooked. Both in solo and accompanying situations, it is him who gives the music its drive. He also wrote the music. Nothing fancy. Just great Jazz."
(Cadence, USA)

"Ignatzek has clearly learned a great deal about attack and phrasing in the conservatory. Schoenberg, Satie and Chopin step out of the crowd."
(Cadence, USA)

"What I like about Ignatzek is that you never know what he will tackle next. Every record is filled with surprises but with the certainty that it will contain good music to refresh the ear, mind and spirit."
(Mark Gardner, The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz)

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