Susanne Menzel & Klaus Ignatzek


NEW ALBUM - RELEASE: August 5th, 2022

Susanne Menzel & Klaus Ignatzek



HGBS 20043

released in 2015


This duo is noted enthusiasm as well as excellent musicianship. Daring improvisation and a variety of moods and rhythms can be heard as well as and the seamless interplay between the singer and pianist. Susanne Menzel and Klaus Ignatzek have been a duo for many years a couple - musically and personally, but only now they have made their first duo recording.

"Mariposa" which are 13 beautiful songs where the music always comes from Klaus Ignatzek and lyrics from singer Susanne Menzel. Sometimes trendy and catchy, sometimes poetic. These pieces are created, which always sounds like songs from the Great American Songbook. There is no question to listen to a duo that is full of emotion which touches the audience intensively.

Klaus Ignatzek is a virtuoso pianist and long time working in the European jazz scene. His elegant improvisations can be heard on "Mariposa". Susanne Menzel studied in the US jazz singing and performed in numerous bands as guest soloist. On "Mariposa" she amazes with her aesthetic phrasing and timing.

"Mariposa" has been recorded in the MPS studio in Villingen.

Susanne Menzel & Klaus Ignatzek

with the Bremen Philhamronic Strings



Susanne Menzel & Klaus Ignatzek
nh 2077

In March 2007 the second CD of the brillant composer/lyricist duo appeared on the scene. "Seasons" is the title of a recording made in January, 2007, with extraordinary musicians such as Johannes Enders (sax), Jean-Louis Rassinfosse (b) and Sebastian Merk (dr).

Klaus Ignatzek & Susanne Menzel

In March 2006, Nagel-Heyer Records released the CD "IN-TANDEM" (Nh 2062) with german female vocalist Susanne Menzel.


"...Ignatzek always succeeds in arousing his audience’s enthusiasm, thanks to his richly nuanced performance on the piano in connection with the original compositions.
Here he is joined by the wonderful female vocalist Susanne Menzel.
Together with Ignatzek she is making her first steps out in the jazz world, as this fabulous CD is her debut recording. She wrote all the lyrics and with her great sense for words she is making something special out of Klaus Ignatzek’s original compositions. While listening to the music you will surely understand why 1 + 1 can be much more than just 2. The two leaders are accompanied by a great band as well."

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